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How to convert between the three expressions of hot water attractive quality output?

There are three common expressions for the output of hot water boilers, namely Kcal/h, t/h, and MW. So what do they mean, and what is the conversion relationship between them?

To improve the quality of atmospheric environment, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued a "Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Air Pollution Prevention Act" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), adhere to all the people involved, the source of governance, planning ahead, treating the symptoms, cooperative control, damage to bear responsibility in principle.

First, governments at all levels should implement the total coal consumption control system, adopt economic and technical policies and measures to reduce the total coal consumption, encourage and support the development and utilization of clean energy, and guide enterprises to develop clean energy alternatives to reduce coal production , use of atmospheric pollutants, emissions during the conversion.

Second, the regional government development and reform departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the needs of economic and social development and regional environmental resources carrying capacity and other conditions, the development of total coal consumption reduction targets and control programs. State, city (prefecture) and county (city, district) people's government development and reform departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the planning and control total coal consumption reduction targets, total coal consumption in the region to develop control plans and their implementation.

Third, promote urban built-up areas, industrial parks centralized heating, use of cleaner fuels. Before central heating pipe network coverage area, prohibit new construction, renovation, expansion of coal-fired heating boilers, central heating pipe network coverage, has been built using coal-fired heating boilers should stop using the deadline. In areas not covered by the central heating to encourage the use of clean energy alternatives, to promote the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving boiler. When the deadline out of the city government does not comply with national and regional scale coal-fired boilers.

Fourth, according to the city government to improve the quality of atmospheric environment requirements, delineated and publish high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, and gradually expand the scope of the ban on high-pollution fuel combustion zone. In the combustion zone ban, prohibit the sale, burning polluting fuels; prohibit new or expanded high-polluting fuel burning facilities. Have been completed, should switch to clean energy within the prescribed time limit.

Fifth, governments at all levels should strengthen civil bulk coal governance, prohibit the sale does not meet the civil standard of quality coal for coal, to encourage residents to burn with high-quality coal and clean coal, to promote energy saving stoves, and promote the development of alternative and clean energy in rural areas use. Encourage rural energy-saving housing.

Henan Henan attractive quality combustion gas three kinds of gas-fired boiler is mainly required when using the high-calorie gas heating, followed by combustion equipment and gas. In a gas combustion process, it needs to be mixed with a large amount of air, but combustion may be performed in different ways. One is a diffusion combustion, that is not pre-mixed, but the gas nozzle mouth interdiffusion, and then combustion. This combustion gas boiler Henan can reach full stability, but also less demanding gas appliance, simple structure can be. However, due to longer flame, very susceptible to the phenomenon of incomplete combustion, and the heated area of ​​the carbonized phenomenon occurs very easily. Another portion of the air is required after the premix combustion method, a portion of the air and gas mixture prior notice, and then sufficiently combustion. The advantage of using this method is that the combustion flame combustion clearer, and higher thermal efficiency; but the disadvantage is that unstable combustion, higher combustion component control requirements. If a gas burner, it is highly desirable to adopt such a combustion method. There is also a flameless combustion, the space before the combustion gas boiler and Henan gas combustion method of mixing uniformity. When using this method, no need to obtain a gas in the air surrounding the combustion of oxygen required for the process, and only air mixture reaches the combustion zone to achieve complete combustion of the moment.

Boiler long time, some failures will be exposed, indicating reduction in service life day by day. Many users in the choice of natural gas attractive quality, the boiler will also consider how many years would be able to use, because it is directly related to the vital interests of users. So life natural gas boiler in the end is how long? Check out our natural gas boiler factory in Henan party soon introduce it to everyone.

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Our creative and strong design team makes sure of fashion and attractive styles. Men find averagely shaped women more attractive than fashion models and .

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2018-6-9 · Martin Löfgren is an assistant professor at the CTFService Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden. He teaches courses in marketing and quality management and performs research in the areas of the theory of attractive quality, customer satisfaction, the service perspective, and packaging.

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