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Leshan City, Sichuan Province issued a notice "Leshan City to win the Battle of the blue sky plan", the program made specific control measures and methods for the quality of atmospheric environment, as follows.

1, and strictly control the total coal consumption. Timely expansion of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban scoping, year by year break down total coal consumption reduction targets. In 2020, the city's total coal consumption is not more than 7.075 million tons, accounting for primary energy consumption fell to below 30%. Strict control of new construction, renovation, expansion of coal projects, new coal project implementation year coal consumption reductions times the amount instead. Wutongqiao, multiple Qianwei existing administrative areas with coal-fired boilers, in accordance with the total capacity and operation of the boiler coal consumption reduction principle of substitution, central heating facilities in the new base construction of the park, but it must be stable ultralow emission standards, and to eliminate the heavy pollution weather and atmospheric environmental quality standards as a prerequisite for a stable schedule, bear autumn and winter peak load shifting and eliminate future responsibility.

2, to carry out comprehensive improvement of the boiler. Increased inspection efforts to prevent the resurgence of small coal-fired boilers. The city is not implemented before the air quality compliance and stability, a ban on new or expanded coal-fired boilers. Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Agency jointly entrust qualified units, the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions, the use of coal industry enterprises to carry out at least once a major air pollutant emissions supervisory monitoring every year. Ban on new fuel boilers and other cogeneration coal, fuel oil. New gas-fired boiler construction simultaneously low NOx combustion facilities, low NOx combustion is completed before the end of December 2019, the transformation of existing gas boiler. City and county built-up areas the implementation of ultra-low emission biomass boilers transformation.

3, bulk coal use to carry out special rectification. Using coal for use in all high-quality coal, coal mines by 2020, all built to retain supporting washing facilities, the city's raw coal rate of 90%. In accordance with the principle of progressive advance of Pingba first, and then the mountains, the "coal to electricity," which, according to local conditions in key areas to promote rural villages, "coal to electricity, coal to natural gas" work. A total ban on the circulation and use of low quality coal, bulk coal investigate unlicensed business activities according to the law, high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban is abolished bulk coal sales outlets, to promote electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal, to promote the use of clean coal, advanced civilian stoves . In 2020, within 30 km surrounding county town and township range of the main city of almost no bulk coal use.

4, accelerate clean energy alternatives. The implementation of "gasification of the city, alternative energy, clean alternative" projects, subsidies to change the electric boiler. 2020 non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption should increase to more than 38%. Research to develop new energy truck traffic right of way, to encourage policies on sustainable management, new and replacement buses, rental, sanitation, postal services, commuter, logistics and other light vehicles with electric vehicles. By 2020, postal services, urban delivery, light sanitation basic vehicle for the electric car, for the van passes light logistics vehicle essentially electric cars, buses central city using all new energy vehicles and reached the country six emission standards for natural gas clean energy vehicles.

(4) During the trial operation, drainage should be carried out to check whether the opening and closing of the sewage valve is normal, and at the same time, the normal water level line is guaranteed to the steam emco saskatoon boilers.

It is also world’s 23rd largest producer of copper which is extracted by RTB Bor, a large domestic copper mining company; significant gold extraction is developed around Majdanpek. Copper industry or other mining industry need hot water and steam during its working process. Industiral horizontal coal fired emco saskatoon boilers in ZG Boiler is strictly following the standrad of IBR, CE, ASME Certification. We can ensure the quality and performane of each boiler we exported.

6 tons of gas steam emco saskatoon boilers start / ignition / boost a description, unit 1 starts, the boiler starts to open the first draft fan. 2, the induced draft fan starts normally from about 1 to 3 minutes blower opening. 3, starting Cleaner. 4, rotation of the grate, and adjusted appropriately stalls second ignition 1, ignition starts after all the examination was normal, the amount of wind and the wind blowing good after normal combustion seam to be adjusted to maintain a certain furnace pressure (-15 ~ -30Pa ). 2, when the temperature is increased Stokes is not too fast, the time from ignition to supply the steam required for less than 2 hours. 3, when the air vent has steam coming off when air vent. Third, the booster 1, when the boiler is boosted to 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa, to the flushing water pressure gauges trap. 2, when the boiler is boosted to 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, to check every one hole, hand holes, valves and other leaks, if the screws are loose (if the screws are loose, the screw must be tightened). 3 when the boiler is pressurized to 0.3 to 0.4MPa, sewage drain valve open time of the drum, reducing the temperature difference between the upper and lower drum to promote water circulation. 4, when the drum steam pressure gradually increased, the components of the boiler to be noted that there are no special or abnormal sound occurs, if the above anomalies, should immediately check, shutdown can check, if necessary, until the fault is cleared before continuing 6 run. 5, during boiler Stokes, economizer outlet water temperature must be monitored to prevent moisture inside of the economizer, economizer valve leading to the drum can be closed if necessary, open the economizer recirculation valve leading to the tank, of water economizer alone, but before the steam supply to return to normal position, to prevent water shortages.

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