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The key to avoiding the excess air in the furnace is the proper air distribution and the appropriate monitoring and control means. The monitoring method has a method for measuring the content of CO2 or O2, and the oxygen content of the gas diesel boiler machine japan is usually determined. This is because the gas boiler is burned with a slight positive pressure, and the sealing problem is easily solved. The measurement of the oxygen content accurately reflects the excess air coefficient value. Nowadays, the oxygen content measurement technology generally uses a zirconia constant temperature oxygen analyzer to continuously measure the oxygen content of the flue gas. According to the oxygen content of the flue gas as a reference, the air-fuel ratio is properly adjusted to perform low-oxygen combustion.

There are reasons for the excellent quality gas steam diesel boiler machine japan which modern production technology to ensure many of the original device to achieve a higher quality of use, such as a gas steam boiler, through design optimization and various structural technologies to ensure a higher combustion efficiency and more reliable functional effects, and the use of such gas steam boiler is undoubtedly a better quality to improve the environment of today's heating, gas and steam boiler quality is superior, there are several reasons. First, high-quality design and more sophisticated planning functions. Good functional and reliable regulating effect, can make use of this quality gas steam boiler has been greatly enhanced, and the top gas steam boiler operation to ensure a more precise effect through optimal adjustment of structure to a more flexible and efficient mode improve the quality of this gas using steam boilers of its own design to let this gas steam boiler has a higher functional effect and more reliable security, customers using this gas steam boiler has to ensure a more efficient function mode and more high-quality security; Second, good safety management and start-stop after-sale protection. Over the structure of the device offers a range of professional start-stop control device to ensure that the risk of emergency treatment options, and good after-sales gas steam boiler with a high quality of maintenance of safety equipment and better after-sales support to maintain the effect of use of the product, through a comprehensive security performance of the economy of this gas steam boiler has been greater play, but also to ensure greater use of quality, but also by virtue of this security strategy so that operation of the gas steam boiler has better protection ; sum up a series of sophisticated design and high quality raw materials to make the quality of this gas steam boiler has been greatly improved, and customers to buy high-quality gas steam boiler will be able to enjoy its structure and to bring security and so on advantage, so customers understand the kind of had to find out about their use and mode of operation when gas steam boiler, in order to better after-sales support and a more comprehensive system designed to achieve a higher quality of combustion.

e. reduce diesel boiler machine japan life after severe scaling of the boiler need to use chemicals for cleaning, washing too many times, will cause damage to the boiler, reducing the life of the boiler, increasing security risks.

To conscientiously implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council "on the overall strengthening of environmental protection and resolutely fight pollution prevention advice tough fight" and "the State Council on the issuance of three-year winning the Battle of the blue sky plan of action," the spirit, diesel boiler machine japan emissions control, prevention and treatment air pollution, the State environmental Protection Department to develop "boiler air pollutant emission standards." In order to further the implementation of air pollution control operations, all regions at the same time meet the national standard, but also have introduced a more stringent local standards.

From the implementation of the Beijing gas nitrogen oxide emission standards for boilers began 30mg, emissions from gas-fired boiler has been of great concern, expand around the "coal to gas" action, so that gas such devices become the most countries to promote clean energy boiler.

The transformation of the current common low nitrogen boiler, there are three main measures: (1) replacement of boilers, (2) replace the burner (3) in the boiler flue gas treatment.

Controlling the nitrogen oxide generated from the source, the most advanced technology on the market today is the use of flue gas recirculation techniques and FGR premix combustion gas boiler technology, both having different focus, low nitrogen emissions boiler.

Replace the boiler burner, renovation and debugging, and the impact on the safety performance of the resulting boiler, burner unit by the responsible manufacturer or his authorized. Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "Notice on the transformation of the low - NOx combustion safety risk warning" states: the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion boiler diverse, complex technology, to protect the smooth implementation of the work of reform, effective prevent security risks, prevent accidents, analysis and appraisal by experts, it is not recommended comprehensive safety, environmental factors, the following recommendations:

Nitrogen oxides have been generated by some means and then reduced to nitrogen, the main fuel reburning, selective catalytic reduction, selective non-catalytic reduction. But in the actual monitoring, the nitrogen oxide emissions controllability is poor.

The transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler is a need for long-term adherence and actively manage the work, under the premise to meet the national standards, do specifically address the specific circumstances, not blindly, careless handling, to adopt plans, goals, ideas implementation, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade gas boiler.

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